Audio Conferencing Solution

Communication is the most vital need for any operation, be it in domestic, local, national or international assignment. With the gradual evolution of Homo sapiens from Stone Age to WiFi age, the media of communication have also changed revolutionarily from pictography to internet. Though, the most economical option for one to many people communication is internet, yet the most versatile and customarily used medium is telephonic communication. This is the reason why most commercial organizations go for Audio Conferencing for their meetings and discussions.

Meaning of Audio Conferencing:
Audio Conferencing means using conference calls on telephone for routine or special meetings. It has been in use since decades due to its ease and yet frugal aspects.

Many organizations use it for training their employees as well, like in crash course training.

Widgets Required for Audio Conferencing:
Two or more speaker phones.
Many contact numbers. These contact numbers can be local or long distance or toll free numbers.

Mode of Operation of Audio Conferencing:
There are four ways to organize Audio Conferencing:
1. Self -Managed Conferencing- It allows a person to manage conferencing on his own without the need of the service operator who can fix the appointments or intervene in the calls. The user himself informs the participants about the date, time, dial-in numbers and pass code.
2. Reserved Pass Code Conferencing- It also does not require any operator. The user dials the conference telephone number and its pass code and all the participants directly join the conference.
3. Operator Assisted Conferencing- In it, the conference is monitored and managed by a conference coordinator, who is the person from the conference service provider. He is all the time available to provide any help to the participants during the conference. This type of conference is organized on a larger scale meeting where there are many participants due to which self managed conferencing is a bit difficult.
4. Elite Conferencing- It is specially designed conferencing where the conference service provider makes certain that the conference gets premium treatment in terms of quality of service the users are getting, like, voice quality, connectivity, any message transfer via text, etc. Such conferences are given unique and specialized treatment to ensure the best service to them.

Security of Information Being Exchanged During Conferencing:
Since such conferencing is done for some important official meetings, one very big concern is the secrecy of information being shared during the entire discussion. This concern is taken care of by dialing of a pin number. Only those who have access to this pin number can participate in the conference and this number can be change for every meeting by the participants collectively for ensuring greater security. So, even after being simple, audio conferencing is a secured option for official communication.

Advantages of Telephonic Communication:
It is an instant source of contact.
It ensures that though you are away from each other, the information exchange is speedy.
Presence of pin number for the conference takes care of the security of information being exchanged.
It is very convenient as one can participate in it by using a simple speaker phone.
Choice of Audio Conferencing Service Provider:
The history of the organization, especially how much mouth publicity they have.
Their different service plans and tariffs.
How they can tackle the situation if there occurs a sudden crash in the conference.
If they have any translator when you need or if they can arrange for it on urgent need.

A good audio conferencing solution not only solves many official and business deals, but is also time saving and economical and after all, for the success in any profession good communication is the key.