Audio Conferencing Web

Web audio conferencing sound more complicated than they actually are. If a person has ever been on the phone with a friend while they were both online, and they were exploring the same site at the same time, then he had experienced a mini-web audio conferencing. web audio conferencing eliminates the need for expensive audio equipment, since they use a regular telephone line for the audio portion.

Web audio conferencing can be as simple as a "message board," or as complicated as 100 simultaneous live web -cam feeds. Regardless of technological complexity, all web audio conferencing have two things in common: real time communication, and screen sharing. Web audio conferencing can save enormous amounts of time and money, and encourage creativity and problem-solving spontaneity. In a traditional conference, attendees gather around a large table. In web audio conferencing, they sit in front of their computers, wherever they may be. Rather than view presentations via an overhead projector, they see the presentation on their own computer monitor, as controlled by the conference presenter.

More advanced web audio conferencing allows users to not only view the desktop documents of the presenter, but to have active editing controls. Other features can include slide show demonstrations, file sharing, and simultaneous co-browsing. Audio communication often takes place during web-based conferences via regular phone lines, or through Internet telephony, referred to as VoIP. However, some web -based conferences rely simply on text messages for communication.

Special software packages are available to allow multiple users to have access to either documents or entire desktops. Programs also exist which allow users to take "virtual tours," and watch video, software, and Power Point-type demonstrations. Depending on the software and/or conference provider capabilities, participants can view documents and presentations, and also have full editing capabilities.

Obviously the quality of web audio conference communication is dependent upon the quality of the hardware being used by participants. High-speed connections are a must, as are dedicated phone lines, or cell phones with excellent signals. However, given the right equipment - and of course, the right personal preparation, web conferencing can eliminate many of the downsides of long-distance business communication.

web audio conferencing is an aspect of service offered by many premier conference call providers. Rates are charged either by the conference, by the minute, or by number of participants. Software for web audio conferences is also available. Popular editions are available from major names, like IBM and Microsoft, as well as less-well known, but certainly qualified software developers, like Genesys.