Cheap Audio Conferencing

Cheap audio conferencing is a term used for the affordable audio conferencing services provided by many sources. Audio conferencing services are offered by many types of sources and fees differ from one source to another. This fee can be in the form of flat rate or per minute rate etc. Also, services offered in one plan differ from the services offered under other plans. Thus, for getting cheap audio conferencing services, it become necessary that a person compares all the plans offered by various sources and selects one on the basis of his requirements. Let us discuss some of cheap audio conferencing services providers for understanding more.

Some sources of cheap audio conferencing services:
Conference Callings is one of various sources offering cheap audio conferencing services in United States. It allows a person to get a cost effective approach for calling groups or individuals. Apart from audio conferencing calling services, web conference and telephone conference calling services are also offered. A person can choose from range of audio conferencing calling plans and can fulfill his exact needs. Competitive rates are offered by working with prominent service providers in the area. Discounted rate audio conferencing services are also offered. Professionals attached with Conference Callings also help a person in getting the right deal on basis of their requirements. One of cheap est plans offered by this center is flat rate audio conferencing plan. In this type of plan, a person can set conferencing fee per minute irrespective of the duration of call. Full services conference calls are also arranged. Per minute audio conferencing calls are also available. Apart from this, a person can also use Toll Free access numbers. Fully automated services are offered through latest technology.

Freeaudio conferencing .com is another source that can be approached for getting cheap audio conferencing services. For increasing the basic conference call productivity, it offers free calling services also . Through reservation-less calling system, a person can host the audio conferencing whenever he wants and there is no fee application. There is no waiting time and callers up to 100 can be hosted per conference by getting the standard fee account . Services are provided round the clock. Apart from this, premium conference calling services package is also available . This package is offered for a cheap audio conferencing fee of $19.95 per month. There are many additional features offered in this plan. These are Roll Call, Post Call Reports, Recorded Playback Center unlimited access etc . However, digital downloads are not offered. Free calling services are offered by providing a regular dial-in number. Services are not offered as VOIP but are provided through use of bridging equipment of highest quality in the industry. Sound quality received is optimal and clean Internet telephone connections are not used for providing audio conferencing services . Standard free audio conferencing account allows a person to include up to 100 callers in single conference. In case where more callers are to be included, a person can get large call accounts by paying $99 per month. This plan allows a person to add up to 250 callers . Many add on features are also offered for enhancing the basic services.

Tele Choice is one of leading conferencing service providers in United States . It offers world class audio , video and telecommunication conferencing services. It has been in the industry for more than 15 years and offers most affordable or cheap audio conferencing rates. Other facilities like conferencing systems, internet services, equipment, ISDN, Broadcast Fax, Data, etc are also offered at cheap rates. A person can easily call at 1-888-935-3535 or at 1-202-465-3772 for getting more information. It represents one of leading long distance and conferencing services in the entire telecommunication industry. It specializes in large business account services with respect to long distance calls, fax broadcasting, outbound, internet connections, web and desktop video conferencing calls. There are many cheap audio conferencing plans available . For example, Unlimited Flat Rate Plan is one of cheap est plans offered. This plan offers unlimited conferencing calls and there is no requirement for scheduling. Services are offered round the clock. Rates for 10, 20, 50, and 100 ports are $50, $75, $150 and $250 respectively. All these plans offer unlimited conferencing calls and it allows a user to accommodate up to 1000 ports. These plans allow user to schedule the calls at his convenience and eliminate all hassles attached with scheduling. Special meeting facilities are also offered. Services can be obtained by calling Tele Choice over phone or by filling the online service agreement form.

Similarly, audio conferencing for you is another source for getting cheap audio conferencing services in United States. It offers low cost audio as well as teleconferencing services. Discount long distance services are also offered apart from web conferencing, domestic and international conferencing services. cheap audio conferencing services can be availed as a flat or toll free rate services. Account creation is fast and takes one day only. There is no set up fee. Flat rate cheap audio conferencing services are offered for $39 per month. Through this, a person gets reservation-less number and maximum lines allowed in this plan are 10. Separate participant PIN codes and moderator are used. Various types of facilities offered are music on hold, individual mute, group mute, meeting locking etc. Flat rate for 20, 50, and 100 lines are $69, $119 and $219 respectively. Toll free audio conferencing services can be obtained by paying 9 cents per minute. A person can easily call at 360-574-9337 for getting more information.

Bow Communication is another service provider that can be contacted for getting cheap audio conferencing services. It specializes in offering discounted teleconferencing services and flat rate audio conferencing services. 800 conference calls are also offered at cheap rates. Flat rate audio conferencing services can be obtained at $25 per month whereas toll free conferencing services can be obtained by paying 3.9 cents per minute. A person can easily call at 201-768-0892 or at 201-784-3480 for getting more information.