Free Audio Conferencing

Free audio conferencing is a term used for audio conferencing services provided free of cost. Free audio conferencing facilities are offered for business purposes as well as for non-business purposes . Generally, through free audio conferencing services, a person can accommodate up to 150 callers and time period varies from 2-4 hours. For availing these services, access code is generally provided. However, this term can be used in different senses . For example, there are many audio conferencing sources that provide free audio conferencing as a part of their demonstration services. No doubt, such services are very beneficial for businesses as they can fulfill their one time needs through free audio conferencing. Other sense in which free audio conferencing can be used is unlimited audio conferencing services offered under flat rates and toll free rates. There are many sources that allow a person to pay a flat monthly rate and make unlimited audio conferencing calls. Such services can also be termed as free audio conferencing. It is important to understand here that free audio conferencing services are different from per minute audio conferencing services where a person is required to make payment on per minute basis, which can be as low as 3 cents. Another sense in which free audio conferencing is used is that only one participant has to bear the cost of audio conferencing while other participants can easily communicate with each other free of cost. Free audio conferencing is also used for those services that exclude all the long distance charges and provides virtual conference feeling. These services are very important in cases where a person has to communicate with people located at specific points.

Whatever is the type of free audio conferencing services provided, it is always a pleasure for business units. For getting these services, users or businesses are generally required to sign up online and free audio conferencing facilities are provided in a very short span of time. Free audio conferencing services can be availed through a dial in numbers and these passwords issued. However, in most of cases, businesses or individuals are provided a time limit for which they can get free audio conferencing services.

Sometimes, other facilities are also provided along with free audio conferencing services so as to attract more and more numbers of customers. For example, free reservation-less conferencing services are offered by many sources along with free audio conferencing. It allows users to avoid all types of paper works. It also allows a participant to initiate the audio conferencing services at any point of time. Another facility that is generally offered along with free audio conferencing is downloading of recordings. Users can easily download conference conversations free in an easy manner. In present times, internet provides great opportunities as far as free audio conferencing is concerned. There are many web sites that allow a person in locating a free audio conferencing plan and in communicating with other participants in a cost effective manner.

Let us try to understand more about free audio conferencing by taking some examples.

Freenet is one among various providers of free audio conferencing services. Offer provided by this source is quite lucrative and per participant call charge that is payable is zero. Maximum conference size allowed by this source is 100 and the time period applicable is 3 hours, after which audio conferencing becomes payable. Services are provided by Freenet round the clock and customer services provided are also excellent. Dial in numbers provided by it for the purpose of free audio conferencing are toll free numbers which save good amount for the users. Freenet also conducts long distance business meetings and training sessions through free audio conferencing services. It is important to note here that cost per participant is free. Customer services are offered through toll free dial in numbers. Crystal clear audio signals are provided by this source through all digital bridges as well as connections. All types of static and other distractions are reduced greatly. There are no hidden charges for the services offered. Similarly, there are no teleconferencing charges.

Similarly, is one web site that allows a person in utilizing free audio conferencing services. A person is required to submit an application for the same and for accessing the services, dial in numbers and pin codes are provided. One important benefit is that there is no time limit and a person can communicate for any length of time. Similarly, is a web site that provides free audio conferencing services. A person can enjoy round the clock free conferencing by signing up free of cost. There is no requirement of reservation and generally, there is no waiting. A person can also record and download the calls made . Only payment required is towards long distance calls. Maximum numbers of participants that can communicate with each other is 100.

Skypecasts is another source that provides free audio conferencing services. Maximum participants allowed are 100. This source has been able to attract attention of many skype users. Free audio conferencing services can be set up and organized in as less as 5 minutes and this is one of biggest reasons for the success of this source. Services are provided as Skypecasting and these services have been greatly utilized by those centers that needed to showcase their different types of products online and who needed to organize e-learning courses.

Another source providing free audio conferencing services is It is basically a global call services provider and is managed by Universal Calling Inc. A person can easily get 100 minutes of free audio conferencing calls and there is no requirement of any credit card. Conference calls are provided as reservation-less services. Universal Calling Inc has been providing reliable conferencing services for more than 9 years. Some of its clients are Citibank, Starwood, Cambridge, Quality Hotel, Michelin etc.