Audio and Video Conferencing

In this busy world we can interact with people from any part. It shows how our technology has improved the best one is audio and video conferencing. We can just see a small hint of audio and video conferencing.
Audio and video conferencing is very useful for people from corner to corner. It is very useful for several fields and industries to connect people from various countries at any time. In early point of using audio and video conferencing we don't have much facility however now it's very advanced with additional features and easy to use it.

Audio-video conferencing is particularly valuable in the business and education sectors. For business it's very beneficial to conduct meeting in fast and well-organized way for companies which have different sites around the world. Its useful for companies to save their money from transportation for their employees who partake in global business conference. In the mean time audio and video conference is used for students for seminars or lectures and also for students in distance education. For example students from India can have seminar from Professor directly who is in United Kingdom.

Two types of audio-video conferences one is asynchronous and synchronous types. Asynchronous type of audio and video Conference is a recorded conference person can view it at any time they wish. Whereas Synchronous audio-video conference is a real time one the partaker can intermingle with each other straightly which makes them easier.

The main important one in audio and video conferencing is saving the time and money for the company and can easily achieve the goal. Even interviews are conducted through this process from other countries. An effective conference possibly will make use of telephones, televisions, computers, conferencing software, collaborative software, file sharing, headsets, the Internet, or any arrangement of these equipments and tools. It includes slide presentation, streaming audio and document sharing. The main goal is to make the meeting a realistic where they can see and hear each other.

At present audio and video conference are very simple. Because of Internet, you are in need of a web cam and a head phone and simple software to use it. You can use it when you are in restaurant, home, beach and also when you are in some other countries.

Audio Conference:
It is the most essential conference. Audio conference is extremely easy to set up which needs only a telephone and a toll free number. Audio conferencing service is cheapest of the conferencing services. Pricing is based on a flat rate and depending on the service provider, some extras are included free with the basic package. The drawbacks with audio conferencing are because of its comparatively basic position.

Video Conference:
Through video conferencing people can interact with each other face to face. To have a video conference we need only a web cam at the starting its more expensive but now the rates are reducing.

Audio and Video Conference software is very pricey it can also be download and installed from the web sites with no cost.