Audio Conferencing Company

Audio conferencing company is a company that offers audio conferencing services. Through audio conferencing services, people in different locations can easily get connected through conventional telephone lines and can discuss related issues. In many cases, it has been seen that it is very difficult for all the executives of a business organization etc to present physically at a certain point at the same time and thus, important issues cannot be discussed. Audio conferencing company remove all the barriers to such discussions and through its conferencing services, allows individuals to get connected and collaborate with each other for finding the desired solutions. Different types of business organizations that use services of audio conferencing company quite frequently are education institutions, commercial and financial institutions etc. There are many audio conferencing companies across the globe and these offer services to different types of business organizations, corporate bodies, etc. By contacting an audio conferencing company, a person can easily maintain a budget for the business organization or for a department of business. Audio conferencing company help businesses in maximizing communication efficiencies also.

How audio conferencing company provides services?
Let us discuss how an audio conferencing company provides essential services. In most of cases, standard touch phones have flash button and these buttons allow a person in adding one caller to the line. This is done simultaneously when another person is also spoken to. This feature helps audio conferencing company in connecting several people with each other in a cost effective manner. One aspect that needs to be understood here is that audio conference is different from a regular call as three or more individuals are connected in case of audio conferencing while regular call involves two people only. People at different locations are connected by means of a conference bridge, which is basically a server that allows multiple communication facilities. Traditional audio conferencing company use circuit switching, that is, call is routed through series of various interconnected switches. Conferencing bridge then connects the multiple calls with each other. If all the calls in one premise are to be connected, PBX or private branch exchange is used. PBX is basically a miniature telephone network that is limited to one organization only. It is important to note here that during the call, all connections remain opened. Another important aspect is that technically, only one part of the networked connection is used at any point of time. Apart from PBX, there is one more technology that is used by an audio conferencing company. This is VOIP or voice over internet protocol. In this way of conferencing, analog audio signals are used for providing services. These convert the data into digital form and it is transmitted over internet.
There are basically three types of services provided by an audio conferencing company. These are dial in, reservation less and operator attended services. In case of dial in services, a pre-designated phone number is dialed and distributed to the various participants. This is accompanied with a pass code. In case of reservation less audio conferencing , a toll free number can be called by the participants and there is no long distance fee charged. Company hosting the call bears all the costs. In operator assisted audio conferencing, pre-selected services are selected by the participants. These services are offered by the audio conferencing services. It includes operator dial out, live call monitoring, post call close etc.

Genesys is a leading audio conferencing company across the globe. It is a part of Inter Call and has been providing conferencing solutions for the past 20 years. It serves thousands of organizations located across the globe and offers most advanced conferencing services. Apart from audio conferencing, video and web conferencing services are also offered. Some of its clients include Fortune 500 companies also. It provides multimedia conferencing services through its flagship product which is Genesys Meeting Center. It provides services through its offices located in over 20 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. All solutions provided are easy to use and most advanced. Global helpdesk of Genesys can be called at 1-866-436-3797 for getting more information.
ECI Conference Call Services is another source offering audio conferencing services in United States. Apart from audio conferencing, it also offers event and web conferencing services. It is located at 415 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne NJ 07470. Its contact number is 973-796-5000. It was founded in the year 1991 and in past 17 years, it has become a leading audio conferencing company. Audio conferencing services can be accessed through Reservationless Plus, automated conferencing services and operator assisted calling.Another audio conferencing company in United States that offers efficient conferencing services is Encounter. Its corporate headquarter is located at 1300 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 900, Portland, OR 97201. Its contact number is 800-290-5900. Its founders have strived to offer a right audio conferencing services and this has been made possible due to strenuous efforts made. It offers an audio conferencing platform that uses latest technology and which is very well capable of addressing the customer needs and exceeding their requirements. It has been able to provide thousands of successful conferencing hours to the domestic as well as global companies and this has been made possible due to second generation architecture, a proprietary development of Encounter. It has not invested time in developing components like web interface, help desk, billing application etc. Presently, it is involved in the development of a third generation platform, which is called as E3C. This platform is able to provide such levels of flexibility and integration that are not found in third party technologies. This product would definitely make Encounter a dominant audio conferencing company. Various types of services offered by this company include broadcast and reservation less conferencing, virtual meetings, Share It Now etc.