Audio Conferencing Fee

Fee charged for providing audio conferencing services is called as audio conferencing fee. There are many types of sources offering audio conferencing facility and each of these charge different audio conferencing fee. This fee is generally in the form of audio conferencing rates. Also, there are different types of audio conferencing facilities available and fee pertaining to each of these also differ. Overall audio conferencing fee consists of different types of fees like activation fee, monthly fee, retrieval fee etc. Audio conferencing fee depends on many factors and it is necessary that a person enquires and makes comparison among different services providers so as to get the facility at lowest audio conferencing fee. Let us discuss some of service providers for understanding more.

AIT is one of popular services providers offering audio conferencing facility in United States. It offers many types of plans and audio conferencing fee attached with these plans differ. Services are provided in United States as well as internationally. It provides toll free accessible numbers and international accessible numbers for providing audio conferencing. Other numbers are also available. Audio conferencing services are offered without requirement of term commitment or contract commitment. Similarly, there are no minimum usage requirements and no activation fee is payable. At present, it offers international toll free access numbers in 63 nations located across the globe. One of various audio conferencing plans offered is Pay As You Go. Through this plan, a person can easily save from 25-50% of audio conferencing fee as compared to toll free conferencing services. In this plan, fee charged is 6.9 cents per minute. There is no monthly fee or activation fee charged. A person can also get free MP3 downloads with respect to recorded conference calls. Thus, no additional expenses are incurred for retrieving the audio files. Account of client is set up for receiving the attendance reports and is included in the emailed report. Other facilities offered in this plan include simultaneously conference calls, 24-hour live customer services etc. Through simultaneously conference calls, a person can set up desired numbers of PIN sets. As far as order processing time is concerned, conference call account is activated from 15 ? 120 minutes. Charges for using the account are taken at the end of month. This ?6.9 cents per minute plan' is offered with toll free access in U.S. Line quality is superb and guaranteed. There is no cancellation fee and a person can use the account as per his need without any minimum use requirements. Thus, clients pay for actual usage only. Optional facilities provided are international dial out and international toll free access. Another plan offered by AIT is Unlimited Flat Rate free Minutes Plan. As the name of plan suggests too, unlimited conferencing calls are offered. One monthly flat fee is charged from the user and no other audio conferencing fee is charged. Unlimited monthly conferencing calls can be made without any per minute charges. For getting this plan, no reservations are necessary. There is no account cancellation fee and a person can increase or decrease the size of plan as per his requirements. Participants in this plan are required to dial a standard telephone number rather than a toll free number. This plan is offered on month to month basis . Another plan offered by AIT is Toll free Flat Rate audio conferencing Plan. As far as audio conferencing fee of this plan is concerned, it is as low as 3.8 cents per minute and actual fee charged depends upon the size of plan. Audio conferencing fee is applied on flat basis and all participants of conferencing are required to dial a toll free number. Audio conferencing fee attached with all types of plans mentioned above is charged from the owner of the account.

Clear Channel conferencing is another source offering audio conferencing services. It provides crystal clear conferencing services at low audio conferencing fee. In fact, price charged is one of lowest in the industry. Its conferencing bridges are situated in various types of geographical locations. There are many types of plans available. For example, Unlimited Flat Rate Toll Plan is one of them. In this category also, there are many sub plans offered and audio conferencing fee attached with all these differ. For example, by paying $24.95 per month, a person can get unlimited conferencing facility for 5 participants. Similarly, by paying audio conferencing fee of $39.95 per month, unlimited conferencing facility for 10 participants is offered. Similarly unlimited facility for 15 participants can be obtained by paying $54.95 per month and for 20 participants, by paying $69 .95. audio conferencing fee for unlimited facility for 30 participants is $99.95.

Affordable conferencing is another source that offers low audio conferencing fee in United States . It is located at 1112 Quail Creek Drive, Russellville AR. Its contact number is 1-888-968-6186. audio conference facility offered is quite affordable. It represents only quality teleconferencing companies located across United States and offers flexible solutions to clients. There are many types of plans available. For example, through Econo Conference, a person can get toll free access, can pay by direct bill and can talk to maximum 30 people per conference. Other plan offered is Flat Rate conferencing. In this plan, no minute charges are taken and there is one fixed monthly audio conferencing fee. No reservations are required and services are offered round the clock. For 10 lines, this cost is $35 while for 20 lines, this cost is $60. A person can get up to 1000 lines facility, which is provided at a cost of $1500. All rates mentioned above are flat monthly fees.