Audio Conferencing Phone

Audio conferencing phone calls in conjunction with any kind of web conference can occur in a number of ways. In a small home or at organization voice integration with a web meeting usually occurs when one person has three-way calling as a standard service on the phone line dials in two other parties. Of course, such meetings are therefore limited to three people, so if you have more than three participants, you need another way to manage the audio portion of your web conference.

Other ways require building as well as supporting an in house audio conferencing phone system or contracting with a third party audio conferencing provider. In a large organization, an in house audio conferencing phone system is probably nothing than a souped-up voice network that sports a virtual private network or one or more private leased lines. These will be an unattended system, which means that users have direct access to them with no operator assistance.

This audio conferencing phone system therefore will be based on an audio conferencing bridge to the organization's existing network node, typically called the private branch exchange. All phone calls will travel from the private branch exchange to the bridge that connects the organization to the rest of the globe. Think of the private branch exchange as a main switchboard for the organization's telephone system. The organization's private voice network can connect all of its sites regardless of where in the globe those sits are, and in order to speak to the rest of the planet, there are connections to the various public switched telephone networks that allow the population of the world to speak to each other.

This is all very cool stuff, even if you are all so used to it that you find it boring. Actually, you are lucky to be able to find it boring because it works so well. It has been working well for more than twenty five years and people are very comfortable with it .

Thus, another way to incorporate audio into web conferencing is to use an outsourced audio conferencing phone solution in which all of your software, equipment, operator assistance, connections and so on are maintained, managed as well as provided by a third party. Depending on your use of audio conferencing as a stand alone communications methodology or as in adjunct to web conferencing, this can be a more cost effective solution than purchasing your own equipment. If you decide to go this way, you have a plethora of conference service provider because there just are not enough acronyms in your life to choose from.