Video Conferencing Facility

Video conferencing facility is a technique through which individuals at different places can see and communicate with each other. Over past few years, video conferencing facility has emerged as a very power tool for business and commercial organizations and has provided a virtual meeting environment to executives. All benefits of real meeting are obtained through video conferencing facility. This facility can be used for arranging many types of conferences. However, it is needed that a person checks the various requirements so that smooth conference can be held. Due to great up gradation of technology, video conferencing facility can be held in an excellent and effective manner. Some years back, less than perfect video conference facility was available but in present times, its quality as well as consistency has improved a lot. A person does not encounter jumps or snags in this facility now and image is not delayed. If future of this facility is seen, it is really great. Development of ISDN has provided a good boost to the video conferencing facility. As compared to IP connection, ISDN is very quick as well as reliable. Thought it costs more, business organizations can easily fulfill their objectives through ISDN enabled video conference facility. Also, this type of facility has more bandwidth as compared to a normal phone line. With ISDN enabled video conferencing facility, a person hardly gets any interruption.

Bandwidth required for carrying out video conference facility is very important because requirements vary. More the bandwidth, high is the quality provided. For example, by carrying out video conferencing facility at 768 KBPS, a person can rest assured that he is going to get best available solutions. However, if a person plans to carry out this facility at 256 KBPS, as many video conference facility providers are doing, there can be visual delays and which may interrupt discussion to a certain level. Similarly, if a person is carrying out video conferencing facility at 128 KBPS, quality will become poor and there would be audio as well as video delays. Apart from bandwidth, there are certain other aspects also that have to be taken care of while providing video conferencing facility. For example, type of equipment needed also vary as per the requirement. A common web cam is good for a video conferencing involving one or two people. For a video conference involving many people, there are many requirements like conference room, large screen, seating arrangements etc. Other requirements include video conferencing camera, cables and projectors.

Other Related Aspects:
Many people think video conferencing facility is expensive one as it needs many types of equipments, service providers etc. However, when compared with amount spent on hotels, traveling etc, cost of carry out video conferencing is very low. With availability of upgraded technology, a person needs few equipment only for carrying out video conferencing facility. In case of LAN video conferencing facility, quality provided is inferior and thus, high quality needed may not be obtained. Even experts do not advise for this type of video conferencing facility.

New developments are taking place regularly in the field of video conferencing facility and latest among them is TEEVE. This is also one of most exciting development taken place in this field. TEEVE means Tele Immersive Environments for Everybody. This technology has changed the definition of video conferencing altogether and is also called as the turbo charged version. Though concept is same as that of normal video conferencing, there are some new features that have made conferencing exciting. Through TEEVE, a person can easily view his associates sitting at remote sites from different angles. Other feature of TEEVE is that audio and video quality provided is quite high. Also, a person can interact with other people in a manner as if they all are sitting in the same room. This type of video conferencing facility has been termed quite useful for the training of new employees that are at different locations. TEEVE has been able to eliminate the need for travel and thus, saves thousands of dollars for the business organizations. Apart from TEEVE, H.323 is also considered as great invention in the field of video conferencing.

In past, video conferencing facility was used mainly for the meetings of business professionals for the purpose of sharing charts, ideas etc. In present times, many other people are also using this facility in a useful manner. For example, artists, dancers, musicians etc are some such professionals. This has been made possible due to improved audio and video quality.

In present times, it is not necessary to have a permanent room for the purpose of video conferencing. There are many portable video conferencing equipment available that can be set up at any location across the globe. It is important that all of equipment do not provide mobile facility and thus, a person should be careful while selecting the equipment on basis of his needs. Most common type of portable equipment is web camera or webcam, as they are popular called as. Through these, a person can easily get wireless video conferencing facility anywhere in the world. In past few years, wireless conferencing has become very popular among all types of business and commercial organizations. Apart from these, institutions offering online courses are finding wireless video conferencing facility quite useful. Institution can be accessed from anywhere in the world and interaction can be done. Similarly, lawyers are also finding this facility quite useful. They do not have to travel and meet clients regularly.

Video conference facility is provided by professional sources in specially designed meeting rooms with high tech equipment. Services are provided through integration of audio, video and data. Various features attached with this facility in present times include full motion video at 30 frames per sec, voice tracking camera, push button facility, echo cancellation and noise suppression facility, and web-based presentations.