Video Conferencing Hardware

Video conferencing is the technology, which enables individual and Business organizations to have face to face interactions through video from anywhere in the globe, if they are connected through a network. video conferencing is being effectively used by mainly Businesses which are spread across the globe to conduct meetings, make presentations and organize conferences. The technology has given very good returns to the organizations compared to the initial investment made in the video conferencing equipments in terms of money and time.

hardware for video conferencing :
There are some essential equipments required to conduct video conferencing. The following hardware is required at each location:
Video Input: The video or the pictures has to be captured from one location for sending it to the other location. For this purpose either a video camera or a web cam is required. The quality of the video captured depends on the resolution and specifications of the video camera or the web cam.
Video Output: Once the video is captured, it has to be transmitted to the audience, for which a video output is required. hardware like a computer monitor, a Television or a Multimedia Projector is used as video output. Pictures are transmitted through either of these devices so that the audience can see the pictures.
Audio Input: Along with capture of video , audio signals are also required to be captured to have a complete video conferencing experience. hardware like Microphone is used to capture the audio signals.
Audio Output: The audio captured through the Microphone has to transmitted to the audience. Usually the video output will have inbuilt audio output device like Loudspeakers along with the television or we may require separate loudspeakers for the purpose of Audio Output which can be connected to a display device like a computer monitor.
Connectivity: Apart from the above hardware that are required, the most important requirement is the connectivity or the network to have the video conferencing signals to get transmitted. The connectivity can be obtained either through the telephone network which can be a wired line like fiber optic network. Other Network connectivity includes a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN) or through the Internet. Connectivity can also be achieved through satellite communication technology.

Major suppliers of video conferencing hardware :
The Major suppliers of video conferencing hardware are Tandberg, Sony, Polycom, Aethra etc who are specialized in this field . The quality of the video conferencing experience depends on the quality of the hardware . So it is essential to select the appropriate hardware with the right quality to have an excellent video conferencing experience.