Video Conferencing Room

Video conferencing is a technology to link two parties for interactive sessions through video and audio arrangements. It is also known as a device of telecommunication through audio and video devices. Video conferencing differs from video phony. Video conferencing is arranged for the parties who have held conferences and video phony is linked between two people who share personal interaction.

video conferencing room can be place where video conferencing is conducted. It comprises of telecommunication devices to bring together two parties interacting with each other. A private office can be used as a room to hold video conferencing or even sites. Besides conducting the activity of meeting two people through video and audio equipments.

Video conferencing room comprises of various arrangements such as lighting, decor with objects such as mirror, artwork, plants, fans and other electronic equipments. Earlier people sat on a common round table and held interactive sessions between themselves regarding the national, international, technological issues.

The room where the video conferencing is to be held should consist of a proper interior design. The room should be made comfortable as possible. The color of the video conferencing room should be bright, so that the attendants feel the comfort of video conferencing . The color of the room is to be captured by the video camera and hence the color should be soft and the texture should be smooth. When you are buying furniture for the room , the color should be appropriate and even the physical characteristics of the furniture should be considered. The audio set should be proper so that the sound system prevailing in the room should not be interrupted in another room . The furnishings in the room such as windows, polished floors, should be properly polished. If you want to test the sound absorption in the room , then clap your hands loudly in the room and test the reflection index.

Today, most of the universities, hospitals, courtroom and K-12 classroom s largely used as conference room today. The size of the room should be considered that all the participants enjoy the session.

For video conferencing , a room is needful. Some of the equipments that are essential for electronic linking are monitor, H.323 terminal system, cabinets, cameras and sliding scale. Monitor is necessary for capturing the event of conference and as H.323 terminal cannot act as a screen to display an image, the second monitor is used for a image portion. Some of the video conferencing require additional equipments and hence the space of the room should be more. Usually most of the electrical and electronic equipments are used within the conferencing room only and the mechanical equipments are located in mechanical room. Most of the devices are advanced today and hence they occupy lesser space.