Video Conferencing Rooms

Video conferencing rooms have proved to be an economical way of interacting with people and for transmission of data to those sitting miles apart. A standard ISDN phone line with bandwidth facility and a camera are the basic requirements for a video conferencing rooms. A video source, like video projector is also necessary for transferring the documents, whiteboards and other information and displaying them on the large screen. A well-designed conference room facilitates successful integration of video, audio and data transfer equipments which make the conference more fruitful and productive. It is useful when live discussion is essential, physical attendance is impossible or visuals are desirable to be shown. Video conferencing rooms have gained wide popularity with the improvement in the technology. With the development of the technology video equipments like webcam have become cheaper and are much easier to use and install. They can be connected to even a desktop PC.

Initially, it was quite expensive to install broadband video and satellite links, so most of the companies preferred to hire such conference rooms. Even today, the video conferencing rooms are available on hire. If you do not have such facility at your work place, you can easily hire a conferencing room by paying a fee on per hourly basis. You are offered assistance regarding the configuration of the system and other technical assistance without any extra charges. So, even if you are not fully acquainted with these instruments they provide guidance during meeting hours. The telephone charges are calculated on the basis of the distance of the caller or call destination and are charged separately. These meetings can also be secured and can be browsed on the Web with links to recorded video.

A video conferencing room involves one-time installation charges but you can reap the benefits life long, especially if your business involves regular conferencing. Though regular maintenance of such room is quite essential, yet the amount required for it is quite nominal as compared to the traveling cost and cost of attending conference miles away. It not only saves time and money but it is quite convenient as well. One can attend a seminar or a meeting sitting right in his office, college, hospital or workstation.

The video conferencing rooms can be easily converted into distant learning rooms for conducting guest interviews, field trips and other facilities without any traveling expenditure or stress during traveling. Today, a video conferencing rooms are largely being used to facilitate the participation of the students and faculty members for attending seminars, courses, projects and group discussions that are being held in other universities. Students can copy notes and save all the information in a file, which can be later printed and used for future reference. The students who are unable to attend the seminar can move into the conference room and get all the information in just a click. Similarly, the faculty can also use the video conferencing room for developing multimedia educational program and material regarding faculty projects and curriculum improvement with the help of the specialists and other experienced faculty members. In medical field, this has proved to be useful beyond words. Doctor's not only can send data of their patients for discussion on the case but the physician sitting on the other side can examine the patient, question him about his illness and then give valuable suggestions regarding any change in the treatment procedure. Now, with the help of the web cam, the patient can himself consult with his physician and ask for his advice. The physician can also interact with their patients and have a look at their conditions especially those suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, HIV and others. Physical visits of the patients can be reduced to a great extent. But best of all, these conference rooms have also come up as a channel for conducting some major surgeries under the supervision of the surgeon sitting miles apart. The surgeon can directly keep a watch on the progress of the surgery and guide the surgery.

The new concept that is gaining popularity is the concept of using robots in the video conferencing rooms and even outside the conference rooms. A well-known example is that of a Sony AIBO robot that has sensory system which facilitates in hearing, feeling and watching. It can adapt itself according to different conditions. Now with the latest technology a robotic assistant with microphone, camera, and user interface and screen might overcome the problem of creating separate video conferencing room in the organization and carrying the entire important document there. It can be conveniently called for a video conferencing near one's table. It will present the close-up copies of the documents presented to it whenever required. Even in the conference room, it can prove to be very useful. The robotic camera can give a more natural picture of the room and the speaker(s) even when they are moving. Intelligent video conferencing rooms can be effectively made with the help of these robots for sharing ideas and information while physically being they may be far apart may be in different countries.

Video conferencing is thus a potentially beneficial way of interacting for exchange of knowledge and information. We appreciate technology for the presentation of such an impressive mode of interaction!