Video Conferencing Services

What is video conferencing : video conferencing (VC) is undoubtedly an important business productivity tool and organizations are increasingly availing its powerful features. A growing number of organizations are availing VC services through the use of high quality video conference systems for several purposes like recruitment interviews, in house business presentations, giving product training for employees and clients, B2B consultancy services , casting assignment for TV production, design, creative evaluation and project liaison.

How it works: In VC, multi-point interactive video conferencing is the most useful one as it connects more than three sites simultaneously. Every participating site is connected through a multi-point bridging hardware. In order to initiate the VC, one has to dial and connect the bridge that in turn connects four or more telecommunications sites so that they all are able to communicate together. In a multi-point conference which is voice activated, it allows all the sites participating in the conference to see and listen whoever is speaking. There is a voice-activated mode which makes the automatic switching among all the sites participating in the conference depending on who is speaking during a given moment. A slight delay in video switching occurs as the system takes a moment to recognize that a person has spoken in a different site, although the audio will be heard at the same instant.

Some of the important advantages of VC are
(i) it reduces traveling cost of executives besides saving valuable time wasted in traveling.
(ii) helps in developing global business opportunities across the world.
(iii) enhances seamless client services since VC allows businesses to have more numbers of direct or face to face meetings at a fraction of cost.

Companies offering video conferencing services :
(i) Eyenetwork has been offering VC services since 1996 in 3500 locations across the world covering 100 nations that are available for hire. They offer public VC facility alongwith multipoint bridging and audio conferencing . Eyenetwork needs various information for offering its services in a smooth manner like the town or city in which the VC services are required, the date & time and in which time zone it is needed and the duration of the VC. On a generic level the cost of a VC meeting consists of (i) room hire for Eyenetwork arranged facilities that is available on a per hour basis (ii) call charges i.e. ISDN charges for audio and visual link up in case the call originates from the Bureau. (iii) Booking Fee of $80. The hourly cost of the VC varies depending on the geographical location.
(ii) Telechoice is another major company in the VC domain equipped with the latest technology and offering top class webniar, online training services and Internet conferencing . The company also offers the freedom of 15 diverse Web conferencing products including Web Ex, Raindance, and ECT. The best part of the product package of Telechoice is that in place of trying to make a single platform for all the needs, the buyer has the option of a single source from which to select the maximum effective solution for every need. The company has been offering a lot of high performing Internet and audio conferencing , webinar and online training services at prices that are affordable. Telechoice has presence in more than 120 diverse audio conferencing calls, video conferencing and telecommunication providers and companies. The company represents several of the biggest conferencing and long distance businesses within the telecommunications industry and possesses many years of experience in working with companies while providing solutions and alternatives with proficient and customized solutions for video conferencing requirements. Telechoice's web conferencing facilities can integrate WebEx with the routine work flow. Besides, meetings can be launched directly from specialized business applications and meetings can be initiated directly from any Microsoft Office applications inclusive of Microsoft Outlook. Telechoice has received the coveted Frost and Sullivan Award for the Best New video conferencing service. Some of the major advantages of using Telechoice as a VC tool is (i) one has the freedom to call easily from any location across the world. (ii) there is an option for global crossing high performance IP network. (iii) there is enhanced reliability on calls with demonstrated increased success rate. (iv) clients can enjoy considerable cost effectiveness on international point-to-point calls. (v) availability of ISDN and IP connectivity. At Telechoice, the hourly cost per hour depends on the Calling Destination. For example across continental US, the cost per hour is $50, while the rates for Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada, the company charges $90. The charges for UK is $75 while for the Caribbean it is $200.

Points to ponder: It is a fact that conferencing through the audio-video medium not only saves time and money it also eliminates the hassle of physical movement. But it is important to understand that buying the appropriate product is the key to extracting the maximum productivity. An inappropriate purchase can result in wasteful expenditure without getting any perceptible mileage from the same. Presently, a lot of options are available for conferencing like video conferencing , audio conferencing , web-conferencing as also phone conferencing. Sometimes these are confusing and companies face a lot of problems in choosing the right equipment. Presently there are a lot of service vendors offering conferencing services and hence it is sometimes very difficult to choose the best equipment for conferencing . Hence it is always prudent on the part of companies to understand the precise needs of the organization and buy VC equipment so that they are able to utilize majority of the features at a given cost.