Video Conferencing Softwares

This present world has been made smaller and smaller through the inventions of modern technology. The distance has been shortened and the mode of communication has been widened with the inventions like the video conferencing.

Basically there are some requirements when using the video conferencing and they are the webcam, computer monitor, microphones, speakers, internet and the video conferencing softwares. The video conferencing softwares are available within the computer operating system and you can access it through internet.

There are many video conferencing softwares that can be downloaded free of cost through the internet. This particular software makes use of the H.323 to run the audio and video window features. The other video conferencing software is Paltalk which is also free downloadable software from internet. With this software it is possible to operate 6 video s at one operation and it gives a crystal clear voice and video. This software also has the option to share photos, receive and send files and messages and the video usage in multiple rooms.

The other video conferencing software is EarthLink Conference Manager. Even this software has multiple options of video chat system. It brings down parties from different locations into video conferencing simultaneously. But this software is still under testing version and it has been variedly used for research applications.

VRVS (Virtual Room video conferencing System) is also one such free video conferencing software available through internet. This has been developed European Organization software in order to take over the Nuclear Research which is commonly called as the CERN. But now it is looked after by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

The video conferencing software is available free with many instant messaging applications that which are popular. For example, the latest version of Yahoo Messenger has its own free voice and video conferencing softwares. Likewise, AIM that is the AOL Instant Messenger allows chatting with the other parties and beloved ones through text messages MSN also allows for instant messaging service and video conferencing softwares.

Other than these internet based video conferencing softwares, there are also other options like the iChat, AIM units, etc. the Apple computer users can make use of the AIM software for free on their desktop units to make video conferencing softwares. Netmeeting is also a good option of video conferencing softwares which is available with many versions of Microsoft Windows.

Thus on whole, video conferencing softwares lessens man's burden and reduces the cost of communication with distant friends and business colleagues. All that you need to care about is the right hardware and the suitable software for video conferencing. This will enable you to greatest advantages.