Video Conferencing System

Introduction: video conferencing is a technology, which is used to make a real time audio and video interaction between people located at different locations across the globe. In a video conferencing system , both the audio and video communication will happen as a two way communication simultaneously. Video conferencing enables people to interact from two different locations or more than two locations on a real time basis.

Type of video conferencing :
Point to Point video conferencing : Video conferencing can happen between two different locations or between more than two locations across the globe. If the video conferencing is done between two different locations, then it is called a point-to-point video conferencing.

Multi Point video conferencing : In a Multi point video conferencing the video and audio interaction happens between more than two locations. A person sitting at one location will be able o interact with more than two persons in a Multi point video conferencing .

Dedicated and Add-on video conferencing systems: video conferencing system can be configured on to a Personal computer and can interact with any other personal computer if the two system s are connected through the Internet, which is called an Add-on video conferencing system.

In a Dedicated video conferencing system , specialized video conferencing equipments from reputed video conferencing system manufacturers having specialization in the field of video conferencing are used .

Connectivity for video conferencing :
The connectivity for video conferencing is achieved through several ways. One of the main connectivity is through the internet which connects to the World Wide Web. In the case of internet connectivity, video conferencing can be done between any two computers connected through Internet having essential video conferencing equipments like web cam and speaker. This is one of the cheapest ways of doing video conferencing

Other forms of connectivity include wired connectivity which is available through dedicated network. If an organization is having offices across the nation, they can make a Wide area network, which is a dedicated network for their communication. This connectivity requires considerable amount of investment depending on the extent of length of the network.

Video conferencing can also be done over a wireless network like a satellite communication network. The video and audio signals are sent from one location to the satellite from the earth and again sent back to the other location from the satellite.

Advantages of video conferencing : The video conferencing system enables people to interact, which is equivalent to a face to face interaction with lesser cost and time. Business organizations having offices at various locations are effectively using video conferencing to conduct Business Meetings. This has enabled Business organizations to save considerable amount of money and time rather than traveling to the actual location to conduct meetings and presentations.