Video Conferencing Tools

We would have heard about the terms video conferencing equipment and video conferencing tools. Many do have the opinion that both the video conferencing tool and the equipment are one and the same. But they are different. Equipment is nothing but the hardware and the software used in video conferencing whereas video conferencing tools refer to the things that are used to enrich the video conferencing experience. For example, if you are conversing with a person through video and if suddenly other person comes along, instead of ending up the previous conversation you can send text messages to the other party at the same time. This is one sort of video conferencing tool.

The other video conferencing tool is the interactive whiteboard used during the project submission. In this video conferencing tool, the document can be seen by both the parties and made changes instantaneously. During the finalization of paper works this tool is helpful.

Some more video conferencing tools are the emoticons or the emotional icons. The emoticons are one through which you can express your feeling to the party on the other side. You can put forth the emotion or your face expression through these icons instead of showing it on your face. Other than this, there are also video conferencing tools which are helpful in surfing the web. Through this tool, you can put in additional information or you can mention the new ones that you have found.

It is not at all a difficult task to find to get the video conferencing tools. They can be found online and downloaded in minutes into your computer. You can download it for free and also some do charge around $20 to $30 per month for making a trial of 30 days with the video conferencing tools. Some of them are Acrobat Connect Pro which is formerly called as Breeze, WebEx, Marratech, Horizon Live Classroom and Microsoft Live Meeting. They provide freeware tools also in addition some tools are charged.

Since there are so many options for video conferencing tools, it is really a tuff job to select one among them. So you can sort the help of your friends and your relations in narrowing down your choice. You can also get reference from any of the person who has already downloaded the video conferencing tools. Thus you can get the best out of all.

Video conferencing is beneficial in many ways. It helps you out in finishing a project, make out a business decision or even conduct in house training. You need to learn how to make use of them in order to yield fullest benefit. You need not attend a class for that it is of user friendly. So you can make use of it eventually by being patience. You will get to know more about the video conferencing tools when you start using them by yourself to the fullest potential.