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Video Conferencing is an essential tool of technological advancement.

Video conferencing is one of the innovative methods used in the fields of education, medical and corporate sectors. All you would need is a video camera, a computer with internet connection and software supporting video conferencing. It involves the digital compression of audio and video streams in real time and the transmission of the resulting packets of information over a digital network.

With regard to teaching, instead of regular class room lectures, the students understand well, if they see visually than seeing everything in printed form. They can see teachers through video camera and communicate with them. The interaction between the teacher and students can still be maintained. The teacher may teach thousands of miles away but the students feel that the teacher is very near to them.

At the corporate level, video conferencing take place on a regular basis. It not only saves travel costs but also the time taken to attend meetings. You can be in New York City and have a meeting with someone in China, France and Australia in the same day with the convenience of being in your office. A large video conferencing system can cost thousands of dollars, but the amount of money that you can save over the years will supersede this amount greatly. You can update your knowledge by easy access to the internet lessons on video conferencing.

In emergency situations patients can confer with doctors and nurses over considerable distances. It also helps medical professionals collaborate with one another on the course of patient care. Surgeons who are experts in medicine and conduct complicated operations internationally cannot be contacted very easily but video conferencing has proved to be a boon to an ordinary medical student. Conferencing makes it possible to communicate and interact with the students on the vast geographical scale.

Essentials to run a Video Conference:
1. Selection and purchasing of software.
2. Setting up and installing it.
3. Once the equipment is hooked up, ensure enough cameras, microphones and proper lighting is made available for the smooth functioning of the same.
4. Digital cameras, video scopes, and imaging devices that interface with the conferencing equipment for the transmission of data and images in the field of medicine.
To give the conference a professional feel and make it successful it is necessary to access information through books from library and the internet.

Video Conferencing Services include:
1. Equipment selection and Installation.
2. Outsourcing Staffing services.
3. Maintenance services.
4. Helpdesk services.
5. Event Management services.
6. Testing services.
7. Training services.
8. Video communication.

There are two ways to outsource video conferencing:
1. Third party vendor as an Inside Service Provider (ISP) on your own video conference network and with your own equipment.
2. Work with an Outsider Service Provider (OSP) to host video conference calls on an external network.

Advantages through Video Conferencing:
1. The students will learn to interact well and raise doubts, when they see everything in the visual form.
2. In the traditional form of teaching, a set of teachers will only be available for teaching a subject. But, when the teaching is done through video conferencing, the experts in various fields will come for teaching so that the students will learn many new things on the subject.
3. There is no need for students to move from place to place to study in different places, because everything can be made available for them at their place itself.
4. As education is imparted in visual form, graphics and animation will enhance the presentation.
5. The education in remote places is made possible through video conferencing, where the teachers are not available now and due to that reason the students might have discontinued their studies.
6. The standard of teaching improves as specialized teachers take up the classes.
1. It saves travel time.
2. It is cost effective in terms of flight tickets of executives who will be attending the meetings regularly. The dining and hotel expenses which can be cut down and utilized in a better way.
3. A large conferencing system can cost thousands of dollars, but the amount of money that you will save over the years will supersede this amount greatly.
4. To obtain faster results in the competitive economy.
1. Consulting surgeons can even be virtually present in the operating room with a clear view of the operation as it evolves.
2. It helps in diagnosis and transmission of real-time medical images.
3. It is cost effective and also saves a lot of time in speeding up the process.

In General, this method of communication has changed how families stay in touch with their loved ones in the armed services. For the soldiers on the borders, to witness the birth of their children, visit their sick and dying relatives, attend weddings and to be present for family holidays and celebrations. Hence, video conferencing has made a landmark in the field of communication and is still gaining popularity among the masses.