Cost Of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become very popular in present time with many business and commercial organizations using this way of communication for achieving desired objectives. There are many sources providing video conferencing services and its cost varies from one source to another. Many businesses have deployed cost effective measures pertaining to video conferencing and have been able to cut their travel budget by a good percentage. cost of video conferencing is affected by many factors. Some of these include LAN bandwidth, client device type, WAN links etc. Let us discuss these next.

Factors Affecting cost
Client device is an important factor affecting cost of video conferencing. There are three types of client devices that are used. These are desktop, small and large group or board room. Desktop conferencing is limited to a single user. As far as its cost is concerned, it varies from $600 to $3000 with respect to hardware based systems. In case of sof tware only client, cost pertaining to video conferencing is only $150. Connectivity is provided through IP. In case of small groups, cost pertaining to video conferencing increases. For appliance services, cost varies from $3000 to $12000 whereas for PC based systems, cost of video conferencing varies from $6000 to $14000. It is important to note here that small group conferencing systems are easy to use and configure. These are run on either IP or ISDN. For large group video conferencing and board room conferencing , cost of systems start at $10000. Highest quality video conferencing services are provided in case of large groups and systems run over IP or ISDN. Apart from type of clients, choice of networks also affects the cost of video conferencing in a great manner. Depending upon the number of endpoints, cost can vary from $100, as in case of a single web cam seat, to $15000, as in case of conference rooms.

Some Important Aspects
Before choosing any service provider for video conferencing services, it is better if a person makes some research on different types of sources. Also, video conferencing services can be obtained in a budgeted manner by breaking down the fixed costs and usage based or recurring costs. Fixed cost of video conferencing depends upon the numbers and features of systems used. It should be noted here that systems supporting ISDN can also support IP. If a person is using IP only systems, cost of video conferencing can be reduced up to $1000. This is because latter have fewer components.

As far as management sof tware is concerned, it is sold as per site licenses which vary from $250 to $40000 . These are for single and unlimited licenses respectively. In case of video conferencing services provided to large companies, cost can even exceed $100000 per installation. However, it depends on sof tware as well as hardware components.
Overall cost of video conferencing is affected by cost of installation of last mile also. Cost of installation of basic ISDN begins at $225. Similarly, cost of installation of T-1 depends upon the distance between the site and the facility.

Recurring cost of video conferencing comprises monthly cost of network access, salary of technicians that manage the network provisioning, network usage cost, conferencing system installations, user training, technical support and reservation of conferencing systems and rooms. It is important to note here that network usage cost s affect the overall cost of video conferencing in a great manner. An ISDN usage charge for individual customers is generally 5 cents per 60 seconds per B channel. 384 K bit video conferencing charges $18 per hour. However, companies can negotiate the conferencing rates with the carriers and can avail discounts. ISP charge fee on the basis of capacity rather than per minute. Network usage cost s pertaining to VPN are fixed and there are no additional charges incurred by the company. It has been observed that generally, cost of video conferencing for a midsize business organization on ownership basis is $15 per hour.

Sources of Affordable Video Conferencing:
Let us discuss some sources having affordable cost of video conferencing. Glow Point an important service provider in U.S that provides cost effective services. It is the first carrier grade IP bases service provider in United States of fering video conferencing services. Real time services are provided to SBM. IVA or individual video access is a service recently announced by this company that of fers many beneficial features. This service is of fered for a fee of $299 on per month per location basis. Unlimited video conferencing services can be obtained at transfer rate of 256 kbps, 30 frames/second. As far as IP enabled cost of video conferencing is concerned, these are of fered at $2000 per location. Quality of services of fered by this source is the best in the industry.

Similarly, Tele Choice is also an important service provider in United States that of fers cost effective video conferencing services. It has been providing services for over 15 years and has been equipped to provide best quality services. cost of video conferencing is most affordable with respect to systems, ISDN, equipment, data etc. A person can easily call at 1-888-935-3535 for getting more information. Webinar online training services of highest quality are also offered. A person has the choice of selecting from more than 15 different types of web conferencing products. Its rates are about 60% cheaper than the video conferencing rates charged by other sources. Call can be made from any location across the globe. High performance IP network is maintained and a person can easily save good amount with respect to international point to point services. It of fers ISDN as well as IP connectivity. With respect to calling destination, cost of video conferencing per hour is $50 in continental U.S, $75 in U.K, $100 in Europe, $150 in Latin and South America and $125 in Pacific Rim .