Portable Video Conferencing

The growing importance of Portable Video Conferencing:
In the recent past Video Conferencing solutions were delivered from a room typically designed for that purpose. This was normally done on a system that had a Visual Display Unit, a Computer System or some huge box that had to code and decode the video transmission and another box mounted on that to hold the camera. These systems were sometimes clumsy and needed several steps to make the call to set up the VC. Besides, a lot of diagnostic tasks were necessary like resetting echo cancellers which were also difficult to upgrade. Apart from that, the investment involved in the cost of ISDN was not only huge but were not reliable all the times. Compatibility was also a problem as devices from a particular vendor did not match with that of the other from another vendor. Portable Video Conferencing changed all that and has come to be acknowledged as an important business productivity tool enabling a large number of Executives and Managers to benefit from its unique features and thereby cut travel and logistics costs. The growing use of Telecommuting, or Work-from-Home is fast becoming a common feature among organizations who are looking forward to Portable Video Conference solutions as it offers convenience with less IT and telecom infrastructure cost besides saving precious office space compared to conventional Video Conferencing.

Players in the Portable Video Conference solutions space:
Because of the growing necessity and convenience of the mobile platform, a number of companies are offering portable VC solutions with attractive product features.

(i) One such company offering differentiated product is TANDBERG having a range of advance Portable Series solutions which are easy to transport, link and use. The added features are provision of rack-mountable TANDBERG MCU as well as the TANDBERG Management tools which are most wide-ranging, offering end-to-end solutions and can be scalable for any project size. The TANDBERG 6000 MXP Portable is proven useful for demonstrations as well as events where up to 6 video and 5 audio sites can be joined with optional Multisite functionality. The presentations as well as the presenter can be viewed simultaneously with DuoVideo and H 239 Dual Stream. The video quality is compliant to the H.264 standard and offers the TANDBERG Expressway Technology.

(ii) Creative Labs Inc, a global leader in digital entertainment product offers the inPerson device a small device equipped with wireless video conferencing unit which is most suitable for business executives, administrators as well as educators who are unable to be present at meetings, or tight schedules and logistics costs prevent them from doing that. The inPerson device features a 7-inch screen for high-resolution video which is able to be connected to a large LCD screen, TV, or a projector. The inPerson is an ideal solution while implementing a VC solution across the campus which takes communications to the next level i.e. beyond email and conference calls. The device raises the effectiveness of meetings, lowers the costs of staff members who had to undertake travel for meetings. The inPerson device operates over Wi-Fi or a LAN connection which is able to communicate with any inPerson unit at up to 4 locations or with anybody with a PC, webcam and the inPerson software. The device has a 7 inch LCD screen and is also able to connect to external sources for a video output. Besides, users are able to benefit from the presence of built-in speakers or connect with a speaker system for audio output. Some of the major advantages over other devices are (a) inPerson's entire processor task time is dedicated to compression and decompression of video and audio thus offering highest video and audio quality. (b) It is helpful for those who are not so tech savvy as it is easier to support and offers hassle free use compared to VC that are PC based. (c) A simple dialing to call is all that is needed start the VC using just one key. (d) Easier manageability and low maintenance implies deployment in a larger scale. (e) Option is also available for outputting through the RGB connection to large screen TV or Projector. (f) The inPerson device comes with dual microphones and Integrated Echo Cancellation technology for a crystal clear sound. (g) Its multi-party conference capability ensures that four inPerson locations can be added simultaneously on the screen. It is like being present at four locations all at the same time regardless of one's physical presence at a particular location. For instance one can join a board meeting in Switzerland, connect with a person in Australia, and wish his son on his birthday in home in USA. The inPerson equipment offers true portability as companies can install and have the facility in their meeting rooms enabling all their employees in a company to get the advantage of inPerson conferencing. Video Conferencing systems which are not portable are expensive and also too complicated to provide VC services across the organizations and thus can be available in the boardroom only. But inPerson VC changes all that and brings about a host of convenient features. More product features and other details can be collected by visiting the company website at

(iii) Nefsis is yet another company offering multipoint video and web conferencing online services using a Computer System, Internet connections and popularly available PC Video peripherals so that one can make an online meeting with almost anybody across the world, anytime, anywhere on demand. Through the Nefsis system one can link up using almost any available webcam and PC video peripheral eliminating the use of camera at all. There is a facility for mixing and matching different cameras in the same online meeting and also change the camera selection very quickly. The quality of the VC experience is maximized which is limited just by the video capture hardware and available bandwidth to every member participating in the Video Conference. The most striking feature of Nefsis is that is continuously optimizes the processing power of the Computer, its bandwidth so that superior quality VC can be enjoyed at high speed from the desktop only, thereby eliminating the need of costly hardware, redeployment of network and implementations that can take a much longer time. Nefsis is adjudged as the best multiparty video in an online service as it suits all online meeting styles, VC rooms and choices. One is free to choose from the normal default, tiled and picture-in-picture layouts thereby adjusting the quality for every participating member. To get more information about the product features and other details, one can log in to the company's website