Tandberg Video Conferencing

video conferencing is a latest technological revolution, which individuals and Business organizations are able to make the best use of it. video conferencing has enabled individuals to have real time face to face interaction just like a real conversation and business organization to organize and conduct business meetings, conferences, Presentations and Discussions saving huge amount of money and time . tandberg is one of the major companies in the field of video conferencing and is considered to be the leader and pioneer in producing state of the art video conferencing equipments and solutions.

History of tandberg :
tandberg was started in Norway in the year 1933 as a radio manufacturer, which was called as tandberg Radio. Since inception, tandberg has grown tremendously in terms of business, with more products and services under its arm and extended its geographical reach across the globe. tandberg company got split into various companies in the year 1979 as tandberg Data, tandberg Television and tandberg ASA based on the products and services each division offers to the customers. Now tandberg Company has got various divisions specializing in various products and services.

Tandberg ASA is the division responsible for making video conferencing System. Tanberg has evolved as the leader in the communication technology applying new innovations in the field of video conferencing systems and thereby making technologically advanced solutions. The main factory for manufacturing of video conferencing equipments is situated in Oslo in Norway. tandberg has got excellent marketing, Sales and Service support across various countries. This has enabled tandberg to be a customer focused company staying close to the customers addressing their needs in the field of video conferencing.

Offering from tandberg :
tandberg provides a comprehensive range of video conferencing equipments and solutions. Tandberg products are able to address each and every requirement of video conferencing for its customers.

Major products of tandberg :
A brief explanation of each of the major product lines are explained.
Telepresence: This product is introduced by tandberg for conducting Meetings from a remote location. The person who wants to conduct the meeting can enter the studio like conference room and conduct the meeting through video conferencing.
video Systems: Tandberg has a complete product line to cover high definition video systems for desktop Personal Computers and other units, which will be able to collaborate with the other equipments and conduct video conferencing .
Tandberg Management Suite: This management Suite which is called TMS helps in providing complete support in managing a video conferencing by acting as a centralized control for local and remote video conferencing systems. This management solution will help in managing, deploying and scheduling a video conferencing Network.
Infrastructure for the Network: Tandberg has various network infrastructure products for organizations to make a complete video conferencing system. The network infrastructure components of tandberg help in easily connecting all the equipments on to the network and supporting most of the network protocols.
Multipoint Control Units: Tandberg has Multipoint Control units for making video conferences from various locations. This Multi control unit enables various participants to participate in the video conferencing from multiple locations or more than two locations, which is also called multi party conferencing.
Recording and Archiving Products: Tandberg has products which helps the customers in capturing the video and audio signals in a video conferencing and able to share with the desired stakeholders of the organization.
tandberg Peripherals and Accessories: Tandberg also has various other peripherals and accessories for any requirement to do a comprehensive video conferencing .
Other Solutions from tandberg : Tandberg also has solutions called unified communication, which helps the customers in integrating different type of video conferencing equipments and systems to come to a same platform and to conduct a error free video conferencing . This will help the organizations to make use of various video conferencing equipments and systems to integrate and thereby increasing productivity and ease of use. tandberg also takes care of the security issues in the video conferencing , and provide systems that ensure no loss of important data from the communication network .
Services offered by tandberg : Tandberg offers a complete turnkey solution in video conferencing which includes Designing of video conferencing system, Deployment, Installation and Commissioning and Training to the end users. They also provide professional services and consultancy in the field of video conferencing.
Customers of tandberg :
Customers of tandberg are spread across various domains and industries. There are manufacturing companies as customers which include major business organizations like ArcelorMittal Group, Volkswagen, Pentax Europe, EADS Astrium, etc. tandberg has also got major Customers from the field of Finance and Banking, Healthcare, Education and Training, Government and Public Sector, Public Safety, Energy, Technology, Judicial and Legal and Retail etc.
Competitors of tandberg : Even though tandberg is the leader in providing quality video conferencing solutions, the industry is having other players like Sony, Polycom, Aethra, VBrick etc . tandberg continuously strive to retain the leadership position by making industry standard video conferencing equipments and solutions.